Thursday, 6 May 2010


there are many different types of con-artists out there and we really should be careful in making sure we do not get scammed! there is a programme featured on Sky BBC Three called 'The Real Hustle' which is a great example of how we can prevent our selves from getting scammed or ripped off. i would hate to loose my hard earned money to get a faulty/useless product in return.

check out this link for a list of scam companies


i don't know how someone can fall in love or sleep with a family member. it is just morally wrong and i think most people wold agree with me on this one. incest is a crime but it still does not stop or prevent people from doing this action. i totally do not agree with incest given any circumstances, it could definitely be classed as 'bad behaviour'.


We had a debate about this in one of our lectures and I was against it. I feel that at the end of the day you are taking something that does not belong to you. If everybody else has to purchase good 'the right way' by using their hard earned money then why shouldn't people who shop-lift do the same? Its a tacky and cheap habit, and I don't think its right to justify it as your taking something that is'nt your to claim in the first place.

check out this link, its pretty good.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This is known as one of the seven deadily sins and I believe its probably one of the worst ones as it changes an individual into something quite nasty or spikful. Although we people get a little envy or jealous the odd time as we are human but you shouldn't let it get out of hand, to the stage it completely takes over your life! It also leads to other problems such as, bullying or betrayal. You shouldn't let envy fill up in your heart, only bad will come out of it!

check out this link for the other seven deadly sins

Monday, 3 May 2010


Greed is part of the seven daedily sins and I included it in my blog as I feel that greed is not a good quality to have and could be classed as bad behaviour. If people love being greedy or are always greedy then they seriously need a personality make over. Most of the political leaders in the world have this personality trait and thats probably why there's so many problems in the world, specially when it comes to the economy.

check out this link

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Extreme dieting- Anorexia Nervosa

extreme dieting is different to comfort eating. when a person diets to an extreme it is most likely that they are very under weight and are malnutrition. they would lack in vital vitamins and are probably in taking under 1000 calories a day! this maybe down to the fact that they might be suffering from an illness called Body Dis-morphia or Anorexia Nervosa. it is really tough to over come and is severely dangerous as it can lead to death! also once suffering from this it is hard to ever maintain a normal body weight.

this link is Marya Hornbacher’s biography...have a read

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Binge eating- Bulimia Nervosa

People are suffering from eating disorders now more then ever in the UK, comfort eating also known as binge eating can lead to health problems such as Bulimia nervosa followed by compensatory behaviors that effect the person internal and external factors. it disrupts your life even after recovery and some people can never go back to just living a 'normal life' due to their health condition.

for more information about Bulimia Nervosa click on the following links

Friday, 30 April 2010

Response to Shahnaj's post about drugs

You have given a strong argument and have made me change my views on marijuana being legalized for medical purposes. i also believe that if it helps the patients condition then why not provide it to them.

Response to Gemma's post about bad cinema

i agree, a lot of people do mistake the terms 'bad movie' and 'bad cinema' which changes the perception of what people think they are analyzing.
With the movie 'Kids', i found that some of the scenes were really inappropriate and i understand why that was, because they wanted to get the point across about what kids really get up to, but i felt that they didn't have to be as graphic as they were to get the message across.


i am totally against bullying. i know a few people who have been bullied in very different ways and i know its a harsh thing to go through specially if your by yourself! Ive been there for my friends and family members through there rough times all because of somebody else's doing. bullying isn't just somebody calling you names or physically abusing you, there's a lot more to it then just that. the amount of mental and emotional trauma it causes for the individual, its life changing! unfortunately some people don't take what they say seriously to others, they just think its a 'joke'...WHEN ITS NOT! I'm grateful that i haven't experience bullying, well not to the extent that its left me upset!
most bullies are insecure or jealous and that's why they feel the need to make others feel upset because they are feeling the same way to! its an on going vicious cycle, that needs to be stamped down!

Advice for young people, go on this link

Another link about bulling and how to help stop bullying

Bullying awareness site, go on to this link

Thursday, 29 April 2010


it really depends on what you class as stalking.
if someone who you don't know, well at least not really well, and if their like stalking you through Facebook or given you unwanted text messages then that is really freaky and wrong.
However, if a boyfriend or girlfriend or partner checks out their other half's texts on their mobile or emails once in a blue moon then i wouldn't necessarily class that as stalking or something that's 'bad'. Im sure the other half wouldn't mind unless they have got something to hide.

Helpline for stalking victims set to launch, check out this link

Response to Kalen's post about binge drinking

The points and facts you have given are very interesting and i feel that more people need to be aware of the negatives to drinking and not just in the present but what it'll do to you in the long run.

Response to Nicola's post about scam companies

Omg! Ive actually been offered the same thing!! and Ive paid for it! your right, we just have to be more careful in future and not trust every company, even if they are in our university!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Extreme Sports

i have to admit extreme sports are fun and can get you on a real buzz/high but unfortunately there are down sides to them. when extreme sporting such as Extreme Canoeing, Cliff Jumping, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Surfing, White water rafting etc you are at a high risk of getting injured, the clues in the name. however it a better way of getting a buzz rather then joy riding or taking drugs, as they are legal!

check out this link for more examples of extreme sports

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Joy Riding

It doesn't take a genius to know that joy riding is a BIG no no. first of all, its stealing and secondly, it can lead to alot of horrible stuff such as, car crashes, which leaves people servely injured and can even lead to death. i knew two boys in my local area who died because they were joy reading! i take this issue seriously and i hate speeding as it is, so i defornately hate joy riding. theres others ways in life to get a buzz or a thrill with out any of these side effects, so people need to 'THINK!' when they are on the road.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Body piercing

having piercings in the usual places are fine, i got it on my ears, but then some people go to the EXTREME! some people Pierce parts of their body that really shouldn't be which i find some of it to be absolutely revolting. most of the piercings in the awkward areas tend to drop off after a while anyways and can also cause nasty infections.

Response to Chloe's post about smoking

i don't see the appeal to smoking either. i really dislike the smell of smoke and cant cope with it if its around me. more bad comes out of smoking then good so i don't see why people would turn to it to "help" them. there's others ways to relax your self or to releave stress.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Response to Kimi's post about bullying

i also believe that bullying is a serious issue and it is not dealt with in the correct manner half the time. i know people who have been bullied and telling the teacher didn't help at all. the government needs to really get something going that actually works or at least has a significant effect on bullying.

Response to Angela's post about lying

i agree with your statements. i also believe that an innocent white lie is more for protection rather then deceit and therefore it would be ok to tell a little white lie. however lies that ruin lives for example, infidelity, should not be made in the first place.

Response to Herjit's post on infedility

i have the same views on infidelity and i to see it as something very wrong which causes more pain at the end of the day then pleasure. people defiantly need to think twice before going all the way!

Response to Laura's post on body modification

i totally agree with you and with the aspects of body modification as i didn't really class piercings and haircuts as body modifications but now i know it is! also i feel its fine to express your self through body modification but sometimes people just take it to far!

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy can be down to carelessness or just one simple mistake and this is why it is vital for young adults/teenagers to know about the benefits of contraception and also to practice it to. i feel if more teenagers would stop thinking about just having "fun" without being responsible then maybe they wouldn't end up being pregnant in the first place. contraception is very beneficial as it helps prevent teenage pregnancy and reduces the risk of STD's from spreading, which is another huge problem! i feel that teenager pregnancy is not appropriate as teenagers themselves are not mature enough to deal with a baby, as we all know raising a child is hard work! its not fair on the baby at all!

check out this link, its about teenage pregnancy rates

check out this link, shows stats on teenage pregnancy

Friday, 23 April 2010

Response to Tia's post about smoking

i think that the stats you've provided are exactly the reason for the ban, as it causes problems not only for the smoker but also the people who are around it. therefore i agree with the smoking ban.

Alcohol abuse

Alcoholism is not good for anybodies state of mind so i don't know why people use it to feel better or to make sense of things, its also really bad for your health physically. it ruins peoples lifestyle as they are not in the right mind for a good percentage of their day. also it leads to many diseases such as, liver cancer and coronary heart disease. it is a big contributor to cancer. it is important not to exceed your daily unit in takes.

there some good advice on cancer and it contributors on this link

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Self Harming

this is a sensitive topic and self harming is a serious issue which could be have been caused through being bullied. people who self harm might have suicidal thoughts which might mean that they are very depressed and i really do sympathies with them. however, unfortunately there is a minority of people who self harm just for a thrill or for attention. in circumstances like this it can be classed as bad behaviour.

check out this link for some views on self harming, its like a help line.

Bad Comedians

nasty comedians might be soo nasty due to the fact that they have issues themselves and love making other people doubt themselves or make them feel low. they define 'funny' as being racist or sexist. they must get a kick if some body else is feeling down. i do not like taking the mick out of people or cultures, religions etc... there is other ways to have a good time without making others feel bad.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bandits and Outlaws

people who are out there just to be a criminal need to seriously think straight! obviously i really dislike the idea of bandits and outlaws, the world wouldnt be as corrupt as it is now if they didnt exsist. its not difficult to not break the law,if most people can do it then why cant they?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tattoo and body modification

Tattooing has its pro's and con's, along with body modification. i believe that it is ok to a certain extent. some people just go a few extra miles when it is really not needed! its the quantity that matters, for example if a person had undergone several body modification surgery's or had soo many tattoo's on their body then it just takes away the essence of being natural and doesn't really reflect who you are as a person. as "you can't judge a book by its cover".....

There's some more examples on this link that show how body modification can go really wrong!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


i absolutely hate infidelity, it is one on the worst action a human can do to another their partner. i find it totally unforgivable and unforgettable and see it as a crime! i feel very passionate about this as i see it as something very disgusting. i don't see how a person can go through with it if they really loved their partner or even had respect for them. in the media men a portrayed as being a 'pimp' or 'a player' if they have cheated on their other half's, but if it was a women then she is portrayed as 'a slag'. this is inequality at its best, but why?


there are many forms of drugs, some drugs do more harm then others. i feel that there is no point in taking harmful drugs that could have horrible side effect to your body, when there are drugs that are also available that do not have any harmful effects to the body. i feel that people who are involved with A-class drugs, whether providing or taking, is mainly down to bad decision making. plus there's other ways to have a good time!


Telling lies...
we are all told not to be untruthful to anyone and lying is bad, at an early age. its just one of the principles of life to be honest to one another, therefore lying in most circumstances is not acceptable. however, telling a white lie can be, as it is mainly said to protect the person how is being lied to. a white lie is seen as a harmless lie where its function is to not distress the person.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bad cinema

If a movie passes the critics as 'Bad cinema' then i think its best that the movie does not get released into the cinemas. after watching the movie 'Kids' (1995) i believe the critics were right in not releasing the movie into cinemas. i would completely disagree if anybody was under the off 18 to watch that movie, as i feel it would do more wrong then right for the individual.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


I completely disagree with prostitution. It is something that i class as unnecessary and goes completely against nature! A women is not just a body that can be used whenever, it should be globally illegal. It is not something that people grow up and wished to be, women who do go through with this are either forced or feel they have no other options. Therefore men should not take advantage of this opportunity.


I do not agree with smoking. I see it as a terrible habit that leads to greater problems in life, which could of been avoided.
Passive smoking kills, therefore smoking should be classed as "bad behaviour" as it is harmful to the society. I don't see why some people would turn to smoking to relax themselves or as a leisure when there are so many other options available to them. furthermore, smoking causes many different illnesses so i don't see why people are so naive in thinking it 'wont effect them'.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Interested in why some people want to behave in an anti-social manner and why some people want to be labelled as a ASBO?

Anti-Social Behaviour Order...

I feel that ASBO's have in recent years gone to extreme lengths with their bad behaviour. a lot of people in communities do not feel safe anymore to be in the streets alone or for their children to be hanging around outside, as they might be under the wrong influence of others or even get attack. some communities are completely damaged due to ASBO's and i feel that its some thing that needs to be paid more attention to by the government.